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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Mystery No More

Yes, it is done:

Mystery Stole 3

I think it looks nice on.

Mystery Stole 3

Admittedly, I'm not terribly fond of the transitions between lace sections. But the shape is interesting, and some of the individual patterns are pretty.

Mystery Stole 3

Mystery Stole 3

Pattern: Mystery Stole 3
Source: Pink Lemon Twist
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr, colorway "vanilla", about 1.5 balls
Needles: U.S. 4
Notes: I used iridescent beads. I also blocked the heck out of it. It's about 20.5" wide and more than 80" long from tip to tip. I used blocking wires for the first time, and they are the greatest thing. So much better than using pins alone or pins and string.

This is headed to my mom for her birthday. (The chances she'd read this post are pretty slim.)

I've been working on a bunch of things since my last post, and I'd love to show you, but my camera battery just died. Here's my most recent handspun (taken just before the camera turned itself off):


It's a chained singles (aka "Navajo-plied") yarn, just shy of 2 oz., and measuring 166 yards. It's BFL, so it has a nice sheen to it.