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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The need for ease measurements

Originally uploaded by Frith.
Attention designers/magazine editors/book publishers:

Please include the amount of ease intended for your knitting patterns. This will help keep us hapless knitters from trying to guess how the heck a garment is supposed to fit without wondering if you're using clothespins to fit your models.

Now to buy some elastic to keep these damn sleeves from slipping off my shoulders. More sweater surgery may also be in order to try to slim this thing down a bit.

At any rate, this is "Molly Ringwald" from Knitscene Fall 2006. I forgot to include her in yesterday's round-up. I used 5 balls of Classic Elite Classic Silk to make the smallest size. If I were doing it again, I'd cut about 2-4 inches out of this thing.

I also took a dyeing class with Nancy Shroyer:

Handpainted Yarn

The class was on how to paint a yarn guaranteed not to stripe, pool, or otherwise irritate you.

I spun up the last .3 oz. of Hello Yarn BFL into 30 yards of sock yarn:

Little Cricket


Little Cricket and Big Cricket