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Monday, July 09, 2007

It rustles.

I love my new skein of handspun:

Lunasea silk/merino

This is 3.6 oz., 584 yards of 2-ply 50/50 mulberry silk/merino blend from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (purchased at MDSW). The colorway is "lunasea." And have I mentioned I love it? Those colors! That silky rustle! The smell! Mmmmm...

Lunasea silk/merino

Would it be wrong to knit it into a shawl and never take it off?

I've also removed the first spindle-full of merino from my .7-oz. Spindlewood square, another MDSW acquisition:

Spindle-spun merino

Even though I spun this with the intention of doing a 2-ply, and thus made sure I had plenty of twist in it, in a moment of insanity last night I decided to wind it off as-is. So now I have to put it back in a ball and ply it back on itself. Otherwise, it will bias way too much for my taste. This is .4 oz and 162 yards.

Lest anyone think I've forgotten how to knit, here's a little something:

Noro Scarf

It's a scarf made from 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden Lite. Two balls are the same, and continue throughout the length of the scarf. They are alternated every two rows with the other two colors.

Noro Scarf

I now understand the temptation to post way too many pictures of a simple ribbed scarf.

Just one more:

Noro Scarf

Oh, and I jumped on a bandwagon:

Mystery Stole 3, clues 1 and 2

It's the Mystery Stole 3 bandwagon, and I've finished the first two clues. I'm using laceweight Zephyr in vanilla from the stash. Though they're difficult to see, I am beading the stole.

So what in the world is this face?:

mystery stole

At least, I see a face, possibly wearing a crown. Others see a scarab, pirate, flowers, and a host of other possibilities. I guess it's sort of a Rorschach's test for knitters.

Finally, I've been knitting socks.

baudcal socks

These are Anna Bell's Baudcal socks, knit in the yarn I dyed during a recent workshop.