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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cricket on the Bobbin (and off the bobbin)

Cricket on the Bobbin
Originally uploaded by Frith.
This, dear reader, is about as much fiber as you can stuff onto a Louet Victoria bobbin. That's 4.7 oz., 558 yards of fingering weight BFL sock yarn.

Cricket Handspun sock yarn

And here it is washed and finished. The fiber is from Hello Yarn, and it's lovely stuff. It's the "cricket" colorway, exclusive to her fiber club.

Since I knew this would be sock yarn, I spun and plied with lots of twist to make a hard-wearing yarn.


See? Twisty. It still has some nice loft to it, and it will make some soft socks.

As far as spinning method, I didn't care about making matching socks, so I just divided the roving in half lengthwise for each bobbin. Then I split each half down the middle, pre-drafted a bit, and spun with a short forward draw, smoothing as I went for extra durability.

I have a bit left on one bobbin. Normally, I'd put any extra length into an Andean plying bracelet and keep going, but I was totally out of room on the bobbin. I'll ply it back on itself later to make a mini baby skein.

Since there's more than enough for knee-high socks, I'll probably use any extra in a colorwork project (hat or mittens, most likely).