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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Venezia color scheme

I do believe I've got it:


I went up a needle size to get gauge, swapped my golden brown, and tried out 2 different border colors. I like the blue (it's darker and slightly greener in person).

Here we go, poorly tiled again, but good enough to get the idea:


The colors are Knitpicks Palette:
Teal (replaces ivy)
Navy (replaces pine forest, though you could replace it with Palette's ivy if you want it closer to the original)
Tidepool Heather (turf)
Rainforest Heather (rosemary)
Marine Heather (peacock AND old gold)
Tan (sand)
Nutmeg (yellow ochre)
Twig (mooskit)
Cream (white)

Total yarn cost: about $22
Smug satisfaction from saving money: priceless

It's a good thing Knitpicks released the new colors for Palette. They make the entire line much more usable.

I'm off to San Francisco this week, and this isn't exactly a travel project, but I'll look forward to starting it when I get back. Artfibers, here I come!