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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Combing Fleece

I put on my big-girl skirt, got out my combs, and combed some Corriedale fleece from Rising Meadow

Corriedale Fleece

I used my Alvin Ramer super mini combs:

Wool Combs

Mmmm... puffy.

Combed Corriedale Puff

I wound up with about 1.6 ounces last night. It's not perfect yet, but it's pretty nice:

Combed Corriedale

I also made a Koolhaas hat from this year's Interweave Knits gifts issue:

Koolhaas Hat

It's made from my 3-ply tweed handspun, which I spun with this hat in mind.

(By the way, Kris, this is what happens when I try to smile while taking a picture of myself in a mirror.)

I've got almost enough yarn left over to make another one. I could probably shorten the ribbing a bit...

Leftover Tweed