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Saturday, October 21, 2006



Mmmm... 300 yards, 2 oz., pure silk hanspun yarn.

It almost makes me forget that right after this, when I went to take the spinning wheel back upstairs, the strap came loose, and the whole thing went tumbling down half a flight of stairs.

In slow motion.

After a panicked inspection, I think the only damage was a ding to the tension knob on top (replacement cost $22), but even that is still functional. Those Schacht people make a damn sturdy wheel.

In other "what the hell is wrong with me" news, I forgot my mother's birthday. As penance, I am knitting the Mitten of Guilt.


Looks simple enough, right? But those little braids on the cuffs are a real pain to make. You alternate colors, twisting the strands with each color change. By the end of the row, you're tangled, cursing, and miserable. But then you remember you deserve it.

Looking forward to SAFF next weekend. I'm taking some spinning and nuno felting classes, and it will be the first time I visit Asheville.