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Monday, September 18, 2006

Dyeing, Spinning, Knitting

I've finished both socks made from my own handspun -- woohoo!!!


The other one looks much like this, but I was standing on that one. The wool is anonymous gray wool.

Fingerless gloves made from my own handspun -- woohoo, too!!


The pattern is from Alterknits. The wool is Cotswold mixed with silk and sari silk.

I had some dyeing fun this past weekend:

BFL for the Spinning Roving Swap:

bfl1 bfl2

Various uncarded fiber:


Coopworth roving in red/orange/pink, greens, and light blue:


And finally, One-Shoulder Tunic from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop:


I've also assembled everything I need for my Spinning Roving Swap partner: the green BFL above, some other fibers to play with, a spinner's control card, and a back issue of Spin-Off with a fun glove pattern. I just need to package it up.