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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Before and After

Originally uploaded by Frith.

Would you look at that? Scouring works!

These are Cotswold locks, acquired through a massive sale held by the original owner of Carolina Homespun (a few other things may also have followed me home).

Cotswold is a very lustrous fiber, which you can really see when the sun hits it.


This fleece is on the finer side, so I think it could work well for sweaters and possibly even scarves. Although the natural white is gorgeous, I'm looking forward to seeing how it takes dye. It's known as "poor man's mohair," so I'm expecting good results.

The guild's monthly spin meeting is tomorrow, and I need to pick a new project. I have another 100 grams of BFL from Sweet Georgia Yarns, this time in a pink/peach, and I have yet to attempt a bulky single. Hmmm...