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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Handspun Cotton Hat


And here's what happened to the takhli-spun cotton I posted recently. It's a basic hat, with stripes based on a short Fibonacci sequence. The cotton felt a bit like Blue Sky Organic Cotton, soft and fluffy.

Granted, it's hardly the most evenly spun cotton in the world. It's over- and under-spun in parts. The thickness varies. But I don't think it looks half bad. And a little blocking should improve it, too.


I love that the colors are natural shades of cotton, not dyed. I love that I spun it on such a rudimentary tool. I love that, in the process, I learned how to do long draw (there's no choice when one hand is occupied with controlling the takhli). I also love that it's so soft -- perfect for its bald intended recipient.