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Monday, September 12, 2005

North Carolina Bound

After much discussion -- and some agonizing -- we've decided to pitch our tent in North Carolina. Hubby will leave at the end of the month and drive across country, and I'll follow a couple weeks later with baby and iggy.

I love the Bay Area, and it's hard to leave. But now that we've made the decision, I'm excited. And a little nervous -- we've got to pack everything up, sell the place, and find a home in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.

At the moment, I seem to be most concerned with how the yarn will make it across the country. I may be insane. Should I trust it with the movers? What if we decide to have them store everything until we find a place? It could be months! Anything could happen -- mold, theft, loss. Should I have the hubby stuff all he can in the Tercel? What about those roving bands of yarn theives, ready to strike at every rest stop? Stuff it in my suitcase? The airlines have never lost a bag of mine, so I'm overdue for the experience. Sadly, my carry-ons will be taken up with baby things and a computer (and a dog). That leaves the mail. Can I trust the mail?

On Sunday, I packed up the bulk of my yarn into bags. Hubby, looking at my progress and the mountains of yarn, could only laugh and shake his head.

I've been tagged by the charming Susan

TEN YEARS AGO: I was at UC Berkeley in a joint masters program in journalism and Asian studies.
FIVE YEARS AGO: I was at Burning Man with my husband-to-be, our tent was leaking, and the sandstorms were making me miserable.
ONE YEAR AGO: I was preparing to give birth to my son. I was very large and overheated
FIVE SNACKS: honey mustard pretzels, cheddar popcorn, raspberry yogurt-covered pretzels, dark dark chocolate, Barbara's blue cheese curls
FIVE SONGS I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO: Just about every Beatles song
FIVE THINGS I WOULD DO WITH $100 MILLION: Buy homes in New York, Paris, and maybe the south of France; save for baby's education and parents' retirement; buy cashmere and quiviut yarn; start some sort of charity endowment/foundation for vocational training programs for young people; take friends and family on amazing trips around the world.
FIVE PLACES TO RUN AWAY TO: France, India, Tibet, some exotic island, a yoga retreat
FIVE THINGS I WOULD NEVER WEAR (in public): Leather chaps, pointy JPG bustier, hot pants, really pointy shoes, girdle
FIVE FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Homicide: Life on the Street (soooooo under-appreciated), Rescue Me (a current favorite), Buffy, The Office (I actually like the NBC version, too, but the BBC is still the best), early seasons of Six Feet Under
FIVE BIGGEST JOYS: My baby's laugh, My husband's sense of humor, bare feet (mine, I mean), good food, learning something new
FAVORITE TOYS: knitting needles, sewing machine, computers, gadgets, my baby's cute toy cars (they look sort of like the ones from Pixar's upcoming movie, and I like to race them)

I'll find some people to pass this on to later. I'm feeling lazy right now.

Nothing very new to report on the knitting front. Let's see -- I made another Branching Out scarf from some silver Artfibers silk while I was on vacation. I started another Flower Basket Shawl for my husband's grandmother (she saw mine while I was on vacation and wanted one in black). I'm about 1/4 of the way through. I'm still working on Lady Eleanor (maybe 1/3 of the way done). I did start the Forest Paths stole while on vacation, but my first set-up triangle kept turning out messy. I might start over with a more reasonable yarn. This is super-thin (like, thinner than Shetland cobweb) bamboo.