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Friday, August 05, 2005

ADD Knitter

Okay, I have way too many things I want to knit right now, and it's made me really unfocused. The responsible thing to do would be to finish every project I have started, right?

But what I really want to do is abandon everything and try some really complicated lace. Maybe not this complicated, but something nearly that dainty and involved. I've ordered the book (used through Amazon) Heirloom Knitting, and I believe there's a little sampler that might take the edge off. We'll see.

Really, what's driving this is the thought of making an heirloom-quality white lace wedding shawl for my son's wedding.

My son is 9 months old.

I justify this by saying that it would be nice to get it out of the way -- never put off until tomorrow, early bird, and all that. Furthermore, even if he doesn't get married, it would be a nice thing to have. Or if he's gay, maybe his future husband would be into lace. And it might actually take me around 30 years to make such a garment.

What it comes down to is that this is my Mount Everest, and climb it I must.

I have a nice cone of Habu laceweight bamboo. Not to mention several balls of Artfiber's version of Kidsilk Haze (slightly more silk, and much better yardage for the money). And I really shouldn't talk about the genuine Kidsilk Haze I've acquired for some other shawl/stole projects. Shhh...

I blame Wendy, in all her wonderful lace madness. It's terrifyingly easy to be enabled by someone you've never even met.

On that note, I present Elizabeth's yarn-over Steek Tank. I love the color, the deconstructed look, the yarn. I also wonder if I could wear it backwards, but the correct way is great, too. And it would make sense to make this during the summer, when I could actually wear it. So I should make this now.

But then it also would be good to get a jump on the fall. Maybe finish that corset sweater that's been hanging around in my knitting basket for months.

What I really should be doing is getting a good start on the holidays, and making some presents. In fact, if we accept that my mother really needs a Shetland lace stole, we come full circle. Circles are nice.

Sigh. I'm visiting some friends in a few weeks, and what I really need to do is make their daughter that adorable alpaca bunny from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.

Lady Eleanor is still a good mostly mindless knit, and I've been making progress. I'm also using some yarn left over from my Flower Basket Shawl to make a Branching Out scarf that I hope will make a nice gift for the holidays. Until I finish at least one of these, I'll try to resist starting yet another project.