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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Flower Basket Shawl is Finished!

They thought she'd never make it. She struggled for life over the long months. For weeks at a time, she languished alone, afraid.

But she was never really alone.

She was always there -- in my bag on BART, under the front seat of the car. I tried to ignore her, but I heard her pleas, and finally, I brought her to life.

And here she is, unblocked.

And blocked:

Another viw:

And a close-up:

The yarn is Golden Chai from Artfibers. I used 2 balls. And I mean 2 full balls. I literally had less than 6 inches left. Since I have a third ball of it, I may start Knitty's "Branching Out" scarf and see how far I get.